Aarne - Unique city posters from Finland

Aarne is a Finnish design company producing city posters with a passion to hometowns, geometric shapes of architecture and timeless design.

All products are designed – with attention to detail – and printed with excellent craftmanship in Helsinki, Finland. The goal is to produce timeless items that bring joy to their owners for years.

Aarne took it's first steps in the autumn of 2019 when I was looking for a Helsinki architecture poster for the living room. As I couldn't find a suitable one – which would've included my favorite buildings of my new hometown – I got the idea to illustrate the poster myself.

Architecture has always been close to my heart and in fact my dream job as a kid was an architect. However, I ended up designing user interfaces and websites for a living, so designing my own architecture themed printed goods gives a refreshing change.

The first product Helsinki Poster was released at the beginning of 2020. A couple of months later my old home town Joensuu Poster got it's own poster.

More city posters – inclucing Oulu and Lahti – will be published in 2021.

The name Aarne comes from my grandfather who I never had the chance to meet. He passed away a year before I was born.

-Lassi / Aarne

Lassi, the founder of Aarne